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Hailey Lynch

Hailey Lynch

Hailey, has been licensed and selling real estate in Toledo since 2017, and received the 2020 President’s Sales Club Award of Achievement for one million dollars in sales. She has had a love for real estate for as long as she can remember, and has always had a great appreciation for architecture and historical buildings. As a life long Toledo native, Hailey uses her vast knowledge of Toledo and its geography to her advantage. Hailey is very excited to be able to help her friends and acquaintances buy homes and "do better in Toledo".

Helping people purchase a house and transform it into a home is a truly rewarding process, and no two homes are the same. Some the landmarks near and dear to Haileys heart around Toledo are: The Toledo Art Museum, Rosary Cathedral, Notre Dame Academy (Class of 2011) and The University of Toledo (Class of 2015).

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